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"Crawling Chaos" - CD

Pure Steel Records - $15

Brand new AXEMASTER released on November 24th, 2017. See complete album information in the "News & Notes" section

"Blessing in the Skies (and other cuts from the chamber)" - Vinyl double album

Pure Steel Records - $25.00

collectable vinyl 2 record re-release of 19 Axemaster tracks from the 80's-90's (including the entire "Blessing in the Skies" album, the entire "5 Demons" EP, and several other assorted songs). All material has been re-mastered and now sounds far superior than ever before

"Overture To Madness" - CD

Pure Steel Records - $15.00 

Released in 2015, AXEMASTER's first release of new material after becoming an active band once again

"Blessing In The Skies" - CD - (OOP)

Burning Star Records (OOP) - $15.00 

Digi-pack re-release of the original vinyl album (from 1987) which includes all the songs from that album, as well as bonus tracks, extensive booklet, and a video of the song "Slave to the Blade" from 1986


"Death Before Dishonor" - CD - (OOP)

Unisound Records (OOP) - $10.00

Re-release of the songs from the original cassette (from 1989); also includes bonus tracks

"1985 - 1995" - CD - (OOP)

Unisound Records release (OOP) - $10.00

Re-release of selected songs from "Blessing in the Skies" and "5 Demons", also includes material by the band The Awakening

Axemaster "Crawling Chaos" T shirt - S-XL

Shirt featuring the cover artwork of the "Crawling Chaos" album - $15

Axemaster Executioner T Shirt - Small to 3x

Axemaster presents Giovanni The Executioner in all his Glory! - $15.00

Green Logo Tshirt - XL only currently

Axemaster Logo Tshirt in Green - $10.00

Limited Edition 2014 Ragnarokkr Tshirt - S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

Axemaster Limited Edition 2014 Ragnarokkr Festival Tshirt (OOP) - $20.00

 Leaping Executioner on Front, Back reads "The Axe Is Back Chicago 2014" Will Never be printed again!


Axemaster Logo Bandanna - $5.00

Axemaster "Axecutioner" Poster - 11x17

This is an 11x17 poster featuring the Axemaster logo and "Ax-ecutioner" - $5.00

Axemaster Logo Patch

Black and White Logo Patch - $5.00

Guitar Pick Neclace - Red or Black

Axemaster Guitar Pick Necklace - $5.00

Guitar Pick Earrings - 1 pair

Axemaster Guitar Pick Earrings - $5.00

Unique Items - Only one of each exists

Unique Items may be added or removed at any time since each one is one of a kind...keep an eye out below this header!

Looking for More Hard To Find Stuff?! - Non Axemaster - But Connected!

The items below this point ARE NOT AXEMASTER ALBUMS, However they feature members of Axemaster on them, so you might want to check em out!

Reign "Now And Forever" - cd - Divebomb Rerelease

Divebomb Records Re-release - $15.00 

This album features both Joe Sims (current Axemaster), and Denny Archer (ex-Axemaster). In the mid 90's Reign Banged their heads and raged against the Seattle onslaught. Now you can hear it again...NOW and forever! 11 tracks.

Inner Terror "Behold The Inner Terror" cd - OOP

Independent Release (OOP) - $15.00

 Inner Terror features Joe Sims (current Axemaster), Jim Curtis (ex- Axemaster) and Brian Henderson (ex-Axemaster), recorded and released in 2010 just before Axemaster reformed. 12 tracks.

Dream Or Nightmare "Light Burning Bright Till The Dawn" - cd - EP OOP

Grim 13 Productions release (OOP) - $5.00

 Joe Sims Of Axemaster Played Guitar for this project during the early 2000s, and is featured on the cd. 4 "official tracks" plus unlisted "Hidden tracks"

The Awakening "Invictus" - Cassette ONLY - OOP

Independent Release (OOP) - $5.00 

 Features Joe Sims (current Axemaster), and Jim Newcomb (current Axemaster). Axemaster changed it's name to The Awakening. Active from 1991 - 1995. 8 songs

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