Copies of "Overture To Madness" have arrived at the Axe Chamber and are now available for purchase DIRECTLY from the band!

$15.00 plus shipping ($3.00 in the USA[$5 if you want tracking], Shipping will vary in cost from country to country outside the USA)

Expect slightly longer shipping times if you wish the album to be signed, as we have to gather to personalize them.

You can currently request a copy by sending us a message on facebook or by emailing us at axemaster@axemasterofficial.com !

With the new album release drawing ever closer we know we'll have a great 2015! Hope you're with us!

Wishing you wherever you are a good meal!

Want to get a 2014 Axemaster Holiday Card?! It's easy and free!

Thank you for your service, for your unselfish sacrifice, for placing yourself in harms way for others. Thank you for being the wall that said... "No, you shall go no further. No, you shall harm no more. No, this is the line you shall not cross".

We have a very small amount remaining of the LIMITED EDITION AXEMASTER TSHIRTs that were available at the 2014 Ragnarökkr Metal Apocalypse festival.

...."senior editor ERIC COMPTON has launched a new alphabetical book series"....

As many of you know Axemaster endorses Flying V Leather Accessories, and now you have a chance to win some cool Leather products from them in Flying V's Halloween contest.

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