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The founder and president of AMG Music, Film, Television/Sony Music (Mark S. Berry) has taken a major interest in Axemaster and really wants to work with us, and I now talk to Mark on a regular basis (their A&R personel are the ones who "discover" bands, but in our case we were able to bypass A&R entirely and go straight to the founder/president!!!). This is DEFINITELY a big deal because the bands/artists that him and the other members of AMG's executive staff have worked with over the years are some of the biggest names in the music business, including a number of members of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, and the company is affiliated with Sony Music. So this is the kind of opportunity that I've personally been working toward for the over 3 decades, something like this doesn't come around every day, so it'd be so disheartening if I/we couldn't take advantage of it!!!

What AMG is offering us is a deal to where they place music from the current Axemaster album "Crawling Chaos" into movies, television, and video games, then have our next album exclusively distributed worldwide by Sony Music International, which could lead to a future record deal with Sony or one of their affiliates. Instead of charging re-coupables like major record labels do (the label gives expense money for things like recording up front, then takes the band's royalties until the debt is repaid), AMG requires a $5,000 flat fee to do this, so we're trying to raise the money to be able to do that!

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