AXEMASTER unfortunately announces that, due to separate life situations, lead guitarist Damin Bennett and bassist Jim Curtis are no longer with the band. Both parted ways with the remaining band members as good friends and will always remain as important members of the extended Axemaster family. Jim and Damin's contributions to the band have been extremely valuable and will always be remembered; both will definitely be missed, but Axemaster will continue to move forward!

In moving forward, the band is glad to report that they have recently added a new lead guitarist named Shannon Rivera. Originally hailing from Tuscon Arizona, Shannon relocated to the Cleveland Ohio area in 2001 and has since played lead for the bands Drenalin, Blackjack Symphony, and Sociopath. His influences include Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, DIO, Alice in Chains and Black Sabbath, and he's shared the stage with the likes of Metal Church, Kings-X, Y&T, Doro Pesche, Michael Schenker, and Jake E. Lee's Red Dragon Cartel. Shannon also has written quite a lot of excellent material/riffs, so he will be extremely active in and an integral part of writing the next Axemaster album.

Shannon is a very experienced and talented player, and the band is very happy to have been able to add him to both the Axemaster lineup and family!!!!!!

AXEMASTER is currently scheduled to play a portion of the upcoming 2019 U.S. tour by Leather Leone's solo band (the legendary voice of the legendary band Chastain, "the voice of the cult"!!!!!) which is titled "Leather II Chaos". Axemaster is scheduled to play throughout the month of March with the possibility of playing additional selected dates throughout the year. You can check for dates/locations as they become available on this site, on the band's Facebook page:, and/or at Axemaster's management's website: Specific tour inquiries can be made to Mary Feller at

AXEMASTER has just received a "Music Award of Excellence" from THE AKADEMIA for the song "10,000 Pound Hammer" from their current album "Crawling Chaos". The Akademia award recognition program is a formal A&R review process in which every music submission is heard, discussed, debated, and rated by their executive team which is comprised of artists, producers, and record executives. Some of the specific comments concerning their evaluation are:
--"The song craft furnished here is superb and substantive"
--"The commercial potential of this work is excellent, making is highly accessible to mainstream audiences"
--"The vocal quality is excellent and enhances the overall listening experience"

Their official quote concerning the song overall is: "This patiently rendered metal monster imposes a new standard on the downtempo domain of the genre; '10,000 Pound Hammer' exemplifies the conscientiously articulated requirements of the style".

The band is extremely proud for having been so recognized by an organization such as this; you can see the page declaring Axemaster's award at -


For anyone who would be interested in sampling clips of all the songs from AXEMASTER's albums "Crawling Chaos", "Overture to Madness", and "Blessing in the Skies" (as well as a couple other Axemaster songs that are currently on I-Tunes), they are all on Music Aficionado at the link below. It's a great opportunity to be able to sample all the tracks in advance if anyone is thinking of buying any of the albums and/or are just interested in hearing more Axemaster material (possibly prior to seeing the band live)!/search?queryString=Axemaster&section=recommendations&category=all

--The clips of songs from "Blessing" and the other older songs on that page are NOT the mastered versions from Pure Steel Records' recent vinyl re-release

AXEMASTER is very proud to announce that the band has signed with Smoke N Phire Productions for complete management services. Smoke N Phire is a young company that has quickly risen in both scope and stature to where they have become a force in the music business. Axemaster joins a great roster of artists the company works with that includes bands such as Stonebreed and Faceless Orphans. For more information see: &

Mary Feller, head of Smoke N Phire Productions, stated: "We treat all our artists as family and give them the freedom to concentrate on thier music and know that everything else is being taken care of. We are very honored to announce that Axemaster has been brought into that family for our management services. Look for more info on tours coming soon!"

Anyone interested can contact the company via email at and by phone at 520-220-6660

The new AXEMASTER album "Crawling Chaos" on Pure Steel Records (Germany) has been released and is now available worldwide. For those who have not seen album information, "Crawling Chaos" features 10 tracks of a combination of traditional/thrash/doom metal with major label sound that shows the band's evolution by retaining a portion of the thrash feel of "Overture to Madness", while having an overall sound that pays respect to their traditional metal roots from the late 80's and early 90's. Early rave reviews worldwide have helped to affirm the general belief that the album has all the elements necessary to become the most successful and memorable Axemaster album to date.

Also, the first video from the album is now finished and available, it can be viewed at Axemaster would like to thank the film company Creative Masters Unlimited for their hard work and professionalism in creating an exceptional video that is of more than suitable quality to be featured on ANY media outlet.

If any member of the media (radio/zine/tv) would be interested in receiving the video and/or the material from "Crawling Chaos" or the re-mastered Axemaster tracks from 1985-91 that were recently released on the collectable double album "Blessing in the Skies (and other cuts from the chamber)", please return this email with your request.

"Crawling Chaos" is now available at the following places (among many others):
- The webstore on this website
- Walmart
- Pure Steel Records

Download the album as MP3s at:


Pure Steel Records has issued an official release date for the new AXEMASTER album "Crawling Chaos". The CD will officially be available through the label on NOVEMBER 24th. Those of you in the US will be able to easily remember the date as this year, the 24th is black friday!

"Crawling Chaos" combines major label quality sound, killer artwork & graphics, and material that early reviews describe as some of the best Axemaster ever. While retaining a portion of the thrash feel of "Overture to Madness", the new songs show the band's evolution with a feel that goes back to their roots from the late 80's & early 90's. In that spirit, "Crawling Chaos" includes a new version of the classic Axemaster song from 1988: "Death Before Dishonor". Pre-orders for the disc begin November 10th on the Pure Steel website.

The new CD features the return of vocalist Geoff McGraw, lead guitarist Joe Sims, and bassist Jim Curtis; and is the Axemaster recording debut of lead guitarist Damin Bennett (making this the first time the band has had a dual axe attack), and drummer Denny Archer. Each musician has extensive experience in music and is a true professional, which is very evident and on full display on the new album!

What the critics are saying about "Crawling Chaos".........

=THE METAL MAG - It's pure Heavy as fuck and will get you back to the 80's heavy pounding sound with an edge of darkness swallowing your soul to obey the master. Ten tracks of pure guitar sounds and shreds with heavy pounding riffs and melodic yet deep vocals that captures the listener to slave him to pleasure.
=ROCK CABAL - Crawling Chaos is a 10 track, pure metal journey, with nostalgic riffs and chant filled vocals. Just straight horns in the air metal. Take the time to grab this album and sit back and be prepared to be transformed to a younger you.
=AEA ZINE - Their biting thrash crunch and classic flavor is still present but the open, untamed energy of their early days has given way to studious songwriting delivered with slow tempos and riffs written with forethought, showing more in common with Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Manowar.
=HARD ROCK HEAVY METAL - A great album by a band with long experience, respectful of the past but looking to the future.

Crawling Chaos" track-list:

1) 10,000 Pound Hammer - 2) Crawling Chaos - 3) Axes of Evil - 4) Flowers for the Dead - 5) Mystify the Dream Hypnotic - 6) Aldar Rof - 7) Shallow Grave - 8) Death Before Dishonor - 9) Bravado - 10) Knight of Pain

AXEMASTER vocalist Geoff McGraw and lead guitarist Joe Sims recently recorded tracks for the NOIRAD "Penny Dreadflus" album as guest appearances. The album has just been released and is now available as a physical CD and digital album at

NOIRAD is a solo project by our good friend, bassist Dario Nuzzolo. We thank him for giving Geoff and Joe the opportunity to make appearences on such a unique and kick ass album!!!!!

Pure Steel Records has set September 22nd as the date that people can pre-order AXEMASTER's double-album "Blessing in the Skies (and other cuts from the Chamber)" by going to their webstore and signing up (link below). Please see the following link for Pure Steel's entire news article:
Pre-ordering is more important for this release than normal because it's a collectable album, only 200 copies will be printed. So reserve your copy early!!!!!!

While we still await the official release date for the new Axemaster CD "Crawling Chaos", we are excited to be able to share that Pure Steel Records has issued an official release date for the re-release of old Axemaster material on vinyl which will be titled "Blessing in the Skies (and other cuts from the chamber)". The record is scheduled to be out on October 6th as a collectable; a very limited number are being pressed. It will be a 2 record set including the entire "Blessing in the Skies" album, the entire "5 Demons" EP, and several other assorted songs (the entire track list is below). All of the material has been mastered by Robert Romagna and all the songs now sound MUCH better than they ever have. Overall, the record is a definite must for all metal vinyl collectors and Axemaster fans!

Once released, "Blessing" will be available on the Pure Steel website at, and afterward, once our copies arrive to us, a VERY limited number will be available through our webstore here.

Stay tuned as we will be sharing the release date for "Crawling Chaos" soon. The 2 releases are a great duo, highlighting some of the best of the old and some of the best of the new Axemaster!!!!!

--From "Blessing in the Skies"--
The Prophecy/Golgotha - Blood of the Temple - Rock Forever - Without a Trace - Crusades - Demon Machine - The Reaper - Slave to the Blade - The Predator
--From "5 Demons"-- 
Phantom Armies - Black Dungeons - Secrets Untold - False Consciousness
Full Moon at Dawn

--From "Slave to the Blade"--
The Power - Snake Charmer - Axemaster
--Originally unreleased--
Heretical Valor - Naked Eye

Pure Steel Records' work on the graphics/packaging of both upcoming AXEMASTER albums, the final step prior to the physical records/CDs being printed, is moving forward toward completion. The album scheduled to be released first is the re-release of a collection of old Axemaster material on vinyl which will be put out as a collectable package (only 200 will initially be pressed). The label had all the songs under consideration for the record (a majority of the band's old material) professionally mastered which GREATLY IMPROVED the sound of all. The difference in the quality of the new versions compared to the originals is remarkable!!!

The re-release is the appetizer of this full meal of metal, the main course will be served shortly afterward in the form of the new Axemaster full length CD "Crawling Chaos"! All associated with the project believe that the combination of material and sound quality of "Crawling Chaos" will make it a landmark album for the band.

Metal desert will be served to all the fans who come out to see Axemaster live "Supporting Chaos"!!!!!!

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