Black Dungeons



Originally from the album "5 Demons", currently on the vinyl re-release "Blessing in the Skies (and other cuts from the chamber)" as well as various other re-releases


There's a chill in the air, wolves howl in the night
No one to hear your screams, just your whispers
Like a fool you enter their domain, you will please their appetite
Your blood runs cold, you've lost your hold, You are now a slave to fright

Gotta get away, to again see the light of day
Because you are the prey, the spirit that they hunger to slay

Black Dungeons, your life is held by the castle walls
Black Dungeons, terror reigns in the bloodied halls

The unholy stalk, the shadows of life's decay
The darkness that lives in the eyes, of the tormented
Black powers, life's dungeons, Are all around
Our demise self realized, society's burial ground

Pendulum descends on you, caress of the blade your time is through
Society's cauldron survivors are few, shackles hold us in the face of doom

Black dungeons, your life is held by the castle walls
Black dungeons, terror reigns in the bloodied halls
Black dungeons, death stands at every door
Black dungeons, Will the screaming last forever more

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